Earth Day and the CCOB: Consider joining one of our local environmental initiatives

Happy Earth Day from the CCOB!

Did you know the Church of the Canton Church of the Brethren has a deep history of caring for the environment? In fact, as part of our Dignity journey we decided to make this commitment to preserving and restoring the environment a pillar of our church. We even included it in our mission statement!

Welcome to the Canton Church of the Brethren, a community of faith that values dignity, putting it into practice by fostering wholeness, balance, and peace through respect of God’s creation .

The ¨Environment¨ is one of five main passion areas of the Canton Church of the Brethren. Currently, our team has 3 projects in the works. Consider joining us in one or more of these. Let us know how you can help.

Project #1 – Rain Barrels

  • Our environment group is currently building rain barrels to use for a water recycling project. If you have or know of any additional barrels we could use please tell us more by filling out the form below. If you are interested in helping us build or know of someone that could use a rain barrell, tell us more through the contact form. We are also interested in opportunities to educate our church as well as the community about benefits of water recycling as well as other environmental endeavors. We encourage you to share your interest. This project is under the direction of Martha Harr.

Project #2 – Community Garden

  • CCOB is hoping to create or partner with other community members in the maintenance of a community garden. If you are interested in joining or have helpful information we can use, please share with us below.

Project #3 – Energy Audit

  • CCOB is currently seeking an opportunity to conduct an energy audit in hopes of better utilizing the resources we have in our current building. If you are able or willing to assist in this process, please fill out a form below to share your interest. This project is under the direction of Lori Warden.

Check out our ¨Get Involved¨ page to learn more about who we are and the additional work we are doing in our community.  We invite anyone, regardless of their faith background to join us in this work. Fill out the comment box, follow us on email, or on Facebook to continue learning more.

For even more additional ways you can get involved in helping the environment,  select the link to the ¨Earth Day Network¨ below.

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