Dignity Passion Groups Update, June

The following post is taken from the Canton Chronicle, Vol 2017 #4. 

Dignity: Fostering wholeness, balance, and peace through respect of God’s creation. 

Ministry & Education

Connie provided thought-provoking questions and topics for everyone who attended her
Wednesday night study group sponsored by this Passion Group. Thanks to Connie for
taking the time to make this venture a success!

History & Traditions

The Traditions & History Passion Group teamed up with the Motivators and the Relationships Passion Group to host the annual picnic, with an emphasis on celebrating birthdays for April, May, and June. Pennies were collected from the honored birthday boys and girls. How many pennies did you have to cart in to put in the bucket, Bob Champlin?


Davey Ludlum is heading up this Passion Group’s rain barrel project. He secured 9 barrels free from Prairie Farms in Peoria and proceeded to put one together already. Anyone in the congregation who would like to help Davey prepare these barrels for use, he’s got the “recipe” down pat and would welcome the help with the other 8 barrels. Jessica Brewer came up with the original barrel plan and Davey improvised from that plan. The intent of the group is to provide the barrels for people willing to use them in their homes.


Please check the following blog post to see how you can all help stock this Blessing Box, thus supporting those in need in our local community. If you have any question, you might want to ask Lori Warden, who has been doing the stocking of the box.


This Passion Group also helped to sponsor the annual church picnic at Wallace Park. Good food and company was enjoyed by everyone! Martha’s name was drawn out of a “hat” containing names of all the birthday honorees. Her prize was a jigsaw puzzle, picturing the church buildings in the Illinois-Wisconsin District.




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