Dignity Passion Groups Update, July

The following post is taken from the Canton Chronicle, Vol 2017 #5. 

DignityFostering wholeness, balance, and peace through respect of God’s creation. 

Ministry & Education

Connie and Ed have completed their study group discussions of what it is to be Brethren.
Attendees of Connie’s class were able to examine handouts, videos, excerpts from the Bible, and shared experiences in their discussions of Brethren theology. A chapter-by-chapter reading and examination of the Book of James in the New Testament during Ed’s
classes reminded us of the roots of our beliefs. Everyone agreed that the two classes provided food for thought, even when we came from different directions about our personal beliefs.

Carol’s study of Buddhism provided us with a look at how we share many tenets of Buddhism. The study meetings of background information and the book club discussions of Siddhartha culminated in an inspiring trip to a Chicago trip to a Buddhist temple.

History & Traditions

The group is working on their ongoing project of reviewing past church minutes from
Board meetings. In the future, they will share short bits of CCOB history through Worship
Leaders at regular services. They are also hoping to make use of other possible avenues
of sharing: church bulletins; Power Points presentations; newsletter items


Oprah Magazine recently featured a short interview with Al Gore, former U.S. Vice President and eco-crusader, about his sequel to his prize-winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. Entitled An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, Gore says the sequel addresses how important hope is. “Hope, however, really is justified—by things like sustainable agriculture and the cost reduction in solar and wind electricity. If there is even a glimmer of hope, you must move toward that light.” Our rain barrel project will certainly help in this endeavor.

Community & Relationships

The joint effort of the Community and Relationships Passion Groups is proving to be extremely successful, if you are keeping track of all of the items in the Blessing Box that have been taken and used. Donated items would still be appreciated. Please take those items to the new meeting room and place in the cupboard reserved for all items that will be placed in the Blessing Box.

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