2017 Shoebox Information

It´s not too late to contribute to this year´s Operation Christmas Child!

We’ve added a prayer card to each box for you as well as a picture of a child or a group of children who have received shoeboxes and a page that says God Love You in many languages; they can find their own there. In your bulletins for today and next week there is an insert for ¨How to Pack Your Shoebox¨ for a trip around the world.

A ¨wow¨ gift is best to add. This is a larger gift for example, a stuffed animal, a doll, or a car a little larger than a Matchbox car. Then get a few things listed in the brochure to round out the box.

Items that cannot be shipped, U.S. Customs will not allow toothpaste as some children have been known to eat it.  Please send toothbrushes.  In fact, several toothbrushes in each box, children do use them and share them.  Water colors and a brush, scissors are ok, and real silverware is too.  (No plastic ware),  NO CANDY PLEASE.  Please take any packaging off the items you pack to make more room.

Generally, the least picked are for the youngest boys and oldest boys.

You can return boxes on November 12th and November 19th. Boxes will begin their journey on Monday the 20th.

For more information about this ministry, please visit https://www.samaritanspurse.org/what-we-do/operation-christmas-child/

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