This Sunday: Beyond Limits, 2/4/18

Jesus meets us at our most vulnerable points in life and offers us life beyond the limits we place upon ourselves. The abundant life Jesus offers then reaches beyond the limits of our lives to impact the world.

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DE Ponderings, January 2018

The following article was taken from Volume 15 Issue 1 of  ¨The Reflector¨ a publication of the IL/WI District Church of the Brethren.

Last week I caught up on a few chores at home that I´ve been neglecting, one of which was cleaning an old stereo system. The components of the system were all separate, so I carefully removed each one from the stereo cabinet. When cleaning the 5-disc CD player, I tilted it in such a manner that 2 CDs slid out the front. I finished cleaning, replaced the components in the cabinet, turned on the CD player, opened the drawer, and found 3 more CDs. After removing them I pushed the button to close the drawer. All was not well. The drawer did not close completely; it remained about a third of the way open. I could not get the drawer to close no matter what I tried.

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GFI Grant supports gardens and gardeners

The following article was taken from the Church of Brethren Newsline on January 26, 2018. You can subscribe to the Newsline by clicking the link here.

The Global Food Initiative (GFI) of the Church of the Brethren has made several grants in recent months. The grants support a Going to the Garden retreat, an aquaponics system in Haiti, two community gardens in Spain, and a feeding ministry in Mexico.

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This Sunday, 1/21/18: Follow Me

Join us this Sunday, January 21st as Robin Henry will join us speaking from Mark 1:14-20 when Jesus called his first disciples. We will also hear a poetry reading from Martha Harr with worship being led by Harrold Rose. Hope you can join us!

Date: Sunday January 21, 2018

Speaker: Robin Henry

Sermon: Follow Me

Worship Leader: Harrold Rose

Poetry Reading: Martha Harr

Scripture: Mark 1:14-20

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Dignity Passion Update, January 2018

Ministry & Education

If you would like to check up on what this Dignity Passion Group has been doing, you will need to check out the previous blogpost on our church website; Their trip to the Anshai Emeth Jewish Center in Peoria. The visit was the culmination of the 3-part study on Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism. We want to thank this Passion Group for offering such a rich, educational opportunity to broaden our horizons.

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From the Pastor’s Desk, January 2018

¨It is a mistake to sharpen our minds by narrowing them. It is a mistake to look to the Bible to close a discussion; the Bible seeks to open one…. The Bible is no oracle to be consulted for specific advice on specific problems; rather, it is a wellspring of wisdom about the ambiguity, inevitability, and insolubility of the human situation…. The Bible makes us comfortable with struggle but uneasy in success…. [The Bible is a signpost, not a hitching post].¨ –William Sloane Coffin, The Courage to Love (San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1982), 7-8

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Joint Cantata Service with Trinity Lutheran, 12/10/17

Please enjoy this joint Cantata Church service with Trinity Lutheran and Pastor Micah Garnett.  Music was led by Carol Davis with Pam Willison accompanying.

The event was warmly appreciated, so much so that a member of the Trinity congregation expressed: “Our two congregations should do this again, and join together for a picnic this summer.”

Read more about this service here: Combined Worship Service and Cantata

It’s Not a Miracle, 1/14/18

Date: Sunday January 14, 2018

Speaker: Kevin Kessler

Worship Leader: Robin Henry

Sermon: It’s Not a Miracle

Scripture: John 2:1-11

Special Music by Pam Willison

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Broadening Our Horizons

On Friday, Oct. 27, 2017, a group of 11 people (Ed Carper, Brenda Carper, Carol Davis, Jackie Davis, Tammy Kessler, Kevin Kessler, Caryl Harrison, Nels Henry, Robin Henry, Harold Rose, Martha Harr) from the Canton Church of the Brethren visited the Anshai
Emeth Jewish Center in Peoria, IL, as part of the study of Judaism.

The evening included conversation with Rabbi Bryna Milkow (between Pastor Kevin and Jackie Davis in picture), seeing the Torah scroll,viewing various items displayed throughout the building (e.g., shofars, shawls), experiencing a Friday evening Shabbat service, and enjoying oneg (a time of fellowship after worship).

“The evening was delightful,” reports Pastor Kessler. “We were welcomed by our Jewish neighbors, shown hospitality, and enriched with a great learning experience.”

While Judaism and Christianity have distinct understandings and values, we have learned that we hold much in common as well. That we can respect our differences and serve together in our commonality is truly a blessing.

This Sunday, 1/14/18: It’s Not a Miracle

Join us this Sunday at the Canton Church of the Brethren.  Pastor Kevin will be speaking from John 2: 1- 11 (the wedding at Cana) and we will hear special music by Pam Willison. Look forward to seeing you there!

Date: Sunday January 14, 2018

Speaker: Kevin Kessler

Worship Leader: Robin Henry

Sermon: It’s Not a Miracle

Scripture: John 2:1-11

Special Music by Pam Willison

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