Dignity Passion Update, January 2018

Ministry & Education

If you would like to check up on what this Dignity Passion Group has been doing, you will need to check out the previous blogpost on our church website; Their trip to the Anshai Emeth Jewish Center in Peoria. The visit was the culmination of the 3-part study on Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism. We want to thank this Passion Group for offering such a rich, educational opportunity to broaden our horizons.

Traditions & History

Have you been reading the back side of the bulletin each week at Sunday services? If
not, you are missing a unique opportunity to learn more about the Brethren heritage of
our Canton Congregation . . . and the denomination in general. The hard work of this
group has plucked interesting tidbits from our files, scrapbooks, congregational minutes,
and other documents to provide us with entertainment and education. Did you know
that, in 1895, it was discussed that a place in Canton for preaching needed to be secured.
Brother Rohrer was appointed to see about finding that place? Did you know that, in
March of 1894, it was decided to start Sunday School the first Sunday in April? This decision proved that the Canton congregation was on the cutting edge of practices in the
COB, since more schooling on such matters was previously conducted in the home.


The Environment Group will host a meeting to consider a new project that has been proposed by Carol Davis, as a project for one of the classes she is taking through Bethany
Seminary. The meeting will be held Tuesday, January 16, at 6:30 in the church. It
proves to be an exciting opportunity to, once again, add a little “spark” to 2018’s opportunities to focus on our DIGNITY mission. Every member of the congregation is most welcome to attending the meeting and to take part in future activities.

Of course, this group will soon be returning to the rain barrel project, which has been
put on hold for the winter season. Snow barrels just don’t seem to be quite appropriate!
The community garden project will also begin to meet again to explore the viability of
such a project.


As Colin announced during a recent church service, we are all encouraged to begin tracking our individual and group contributions to SERVICE, in both the church setting and out in the communities in which we live. The goal of the group is to highlight what we do in a way that can be highlighted and celebrated by the entire congregation.

The Blessing Box is still open for business. We cannot be stopped by sleet or snow!
However, we can always use donations for our little “gift” to the community!


Tammy continues to prepare gift bags, which are given to visitors.

The group is currently continuing discussions about how we can revisit our forum on
poverty. According to Joe, “This time around we want to have several discussions about
how poverty intersects with various topics, like healthcare and the elderly.” The group
would like to be able to tie this into a local book studies that would culminate with a community social service event. You don’t want to miss taking part in this exciting prospect. Stay tuned!


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