Science Fiction & Faith, 3/7/21

What is your response to science fiction? One angle is considering the genre to be purely fantasy and entertainment without any substance. Another angle is learning that we are using today what was considered fiction or fantasy only several years ago. So is it fantasy or prophecy? How does science fiction continue to provide formation for our lives? How does this genre engage our imaginations to focus and re-focus our energies to enter life experiences to adopt and adapt new ways to encourage better human co-existence? In what ways do we find theological perspective (God; the Divine) in science fiction? These and other questions will be explored during our worship services in March. As this journey unfolds over the next several weeks, be encouraged to find theology imprinted within the science fiction genre. May we all be inspired by the nuggets of wisdom we’ll mine together.

Mar. 7 – Our service today is produced by Carol Davis. It includes a series of scripture readings and introductions to and viewing of movie clips serving as metaphors to God, Jesus, the Bible, and faith. This service, as well as subsequent services in March, will utilize theopoetics to engage our minds and hearts to explore new questions and broader horizons. March 7 is a great kick-off to the other services in March.

Links to the elements of the service are as follows:

Into the Unknown

The Right Stuff

Yoda Explains The Force to Luke

Star Trek V, Cosmic Thoughts

E.T., Saying Goodbye

Avengers Assemble

Perseverance Rover’s Descent and Touchdown on Mars

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