Earth Day, 4/18/21

Creation is a gift to each and all of us. We are called to be stewards of this amazing natural endowment but experience and history reminds us of ways in which we have missed the mark. In 1970, a movement began to express an urgency that we, humans, need to pick up the pace of our stewardship practices or else this wondrous phenomenon with co-exist with may wither around us. That movement, Earth Day, continues and is celebrated each April. The worship service on this Sunday celebrated Earth Day and its reminder to us of our responsibility to care for the created order gifted to us. May we take pride in our individual and collective efforts to do what is right with all that is shared with us on the terrestrial globe we call Earth.

Links to the elements of the service are as follows:

All Things Bright and Beautiful

There Will Come Soft Rains

Earth Day, Part 1

Earth Day, Part 2

Earth Day, Part 3

Morning Has Broken

Down to Earth

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