Buildings, Barbershops, and Butterflies; 6/13/21

Courage is action.

The worship experience June 13 included the story of Samson and the courage he displayed in holding on to his faith in God, information about a contest of barbershops to influence their community positively and the courage to do so in the face of possible opposition, thoughts on metamorphosis and the courage to change, as well as stories of personal experiences facing future unknowns with active courage.

Links to the elements of the service are as follows:

The Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz –

If I Were King of the Forest from The Wizard of Oz –

I Will Fear No More by The Afters –

Cincinnati Barbershop Challenge –

Courage by Pink –

Monarch Butterfly Metamorphosis –

Fly by Maddie and Tae –

In the Gray: Interview With Actress Hannah Musa of Jos, Nigeria; 5/30/21

Hannah Musa from Jos, Nigeria joined us, via Zoom, for worship this past Sunday (May 30, 2021). Having her share with us about “In the Gray”, a film project she helped bring to reality, was a joy and blessing. She offered commentary that was helpful in understanding the film as well as gaining awareness about the challenges that Nigerian followers of Jesus are facing. Hannah also shared that the film was designed to be a ministry tool, and that her church would like other films to be produced. We also learned from Hannah about her work with women whose husbands have died. Our Nigerian sisters and brothers are faithful and resilient.

Links to the elements of the service are as follows:
IN THE GRAY movie (Available to view for free on Youtube)
He Will Hold Me Fast by Shane and Shane
No Gray by Jonathan McReynolds
Climb Ev’ry Mountain performed by Audra McDonald