From the Pastor’s Desk, 3/14/22

From the Pastor’s desk—

I enjoy watching YouTube videos about woodworking. It’s a great way to learn about tips and tricks of the trade.

A recent video I watched offered a few tips to beginners. The tip I found really profound is this (paraphrased): Strive for improvement, not perfection. The presenter of the video shared that striving for perfection nearly cost him the opportunity to continue in the woodworking enterprise. He claimed that his personality is such that he wants to do everything as perfectly as possible. And in woodworking, perfection is not always, perhaps never, achievable. He had to move past this personality trait to grasp a new reality of continually improving.

He made his point by showing and talking about his first woodworking project. It was basically a small rectangular box with a lid. The joints of the box were uneven. The edges were rounded over on some sides of the box but not all sides. Some of the sides of the box had flaws that were not filled in and sanded smooth. And the lid did not fit tightly onto the box. As a perfectionist, this woodworker nearly determined that such a poorly created piece was an indication that his woodworking career was going nowhere. He should just hang up his aspirations of becoming a master craftsman.

   However, he stayed with it. He learned from the mistakes on that first project and improved with each successive attempt at creating tightly jointed, smoothly sanded, symmetrical boxes with lids that fit snugly. With improvement came more satisfaction. The moral: Don’t quit. Keep learning. Acknowledge the elusiveness of perfection. Strive for improvement always. Find satisfaction in the journey, not just the destination.

   With life as with woodworking, right? Hitting perfection is nearly if not impossible. So, acknowledge this reality. But never quit striving to improve on the rough edges. In and over time the efforts and experiences of life will come nearer to perfection.  Enjoy the satisfaction along the journey of improvement not just the destination of perfection.   

Recap: Worship, March 13, 2022                           

We were blessed to have Lindsey Willison share with us Sunday about her recent trip to Tanzania. Lindsey had the opportunity to ascend to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, the fourth most topographically prominent peak in the world, the highest peak on the continent of Africa. After this significant feat, she then had the opportunity to spend time on the Savana where she saw and encountered, up close, majestic African wildlife. Lindsey shared with us several photos (a handful out of the 500 she took) of the mountain and the wildlife. Such beauty and majesty are breathtaking and affords us with the inspiration to care for this wonderful creation that God provides for us. As Julia Roberts stated in a video presented during the worship service, nature does not need us, humans, but we need nature. As such, we are wise to care for it appropriately and well.

   Videos shown during the service can be accessed with the following links:

Why Christians Should Care for Creation – (23) Why Should Christians Care for Creation? – YouTube

Nature is Speaking – (23) Nature Is Speaking – Julia Roberts is Mother Nature | Conservation International (CI) – YouTube

Worship Services March 2022


 Mark 11:15-18; Psalm 19:7-14

Worship Service – March 20, 2022 – 9:30am – In-person & Zoom

Jesus, one day, entered the temple. Merchants were selling animals to be used for sacrifices. The scene was not unusual. People were used to this environment. However, Jesus began upsetting the tables of the vendors and claiming that the temple was being utilized for purposes other than for what it was intended. He captured the attention of everyone. Why did he do this? What was the purpose? What does this episode say about anger? What is Jesus angry about really? In what ways does this temple episode relate to the world or society in which we live? We will explore these questions and more during worship this coming Sunday, March 20th.

January through March worship services will follow themes from the SHINE curriculum. SHINE curriculum is produced by Brethren Press. Biblical stories encountered during worship include Nathan confronting David, Esther saving her people, proclaiming jubilee, a son returns home, Zacchaeus making amends, and more. We will spend two Sundays on each theme.

Topic: Worship Services January – March 2022

Time: Jan. through Mar. 2022 each Sunday 09:30 AM Central Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 816 8283 3350

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