From the Pastor’s Desk, 4/18/22

After my mother’s death, my sisters and I (and spouses) sifted through mom’s possessions, which included some of Dad’s things, too. One item of interest in particular we found was a clothes hamper stuffed full of scraps of material. The material was useless in our eyes but, we assume, valuable to Mom. Why? Well, Mom loved to sew and, we speculate, she may have used the scrap material to piece together a quilt top had she retained her ability to do so sans dementia.

Scraps of material are useless unless or until fused together to produce a beautiful piece of quilted artwork. Fragments then become a masterpiece, a thing of beauty.

More recently, Tammy and her siblings (along with spouses) went through her mother’s possessions. Regardless of the utility of any of the items, the pieces in totality formed a tapestry of memories that revealed a masterpiece, a work of beauty created over several decades of time. The memories brought together in this rich tapestry were reminders of joyful family events and difficult moments in time. But altogether, the pieces indicated the building of contributing family members to a larger extended family and to the communities in which they engaged in life. While many of the memories were scattered and experienced separately, connections to the whole could easily be made.

To see these memory “scraps” sewn together in a family tapestry of beauty and significance reflects the whole human family. Each person offers a piece to the human quilt. Our actions and experiences are seemingly separate and disconnected but, in reality, are common threads of our humanity that sew us together. We may share life in eclectic ways with others, but the common thread is, even if unrealized, love. Jesus condensed life down to two succinct commandments: love God with everything within you and love others as you love yourself. By doing what Jesus commands, we openly keep the “scraps” of the human quilt together and we graciously and gladly add new “scraps” to make the quilt even more beautiful in all of its breathtaking diversity.

Every piece and stitch to beautiful quilt matters. And, you, as a piece and or stitch in the quilt of humanity, matters. You make the quilt even more beautiful. Yes, you do!

Recap: Worship, April 17, 2022                                   

Worship, on this Easter Sunday, not surprisingly centered around resurrection, of finding new light and life in the midst of dead-end moments. Many options are available to us to find meaning and purpose when all seems lost. Music is one of those options and became a focus of a means of the resurrection. Videos and contributions included in the service helped confirm the importance and power of music. Two original poetic pieces written by Pastor Kevin were also shared during the service. And, Ed Carper performed original music. Links to the videos and poetry are included here:

Original poems –

I Just Wanted to Cry – (54) Musicambia 2020 Virtual Benefit Concert – YouTube (5:02 – 7:28)

The Power of Music – (54) The Power of Music – Jack Leroy Tueller – YouTube

Opportunity (scene from Evan Almighty) – (54) Opportunity (An Excerpt from Evan Almighty) – YouTube

Facebook page video of the service (included song performed by Ed Carper) – Canton Church of the Brethren – Illinois | Facebook

Worship Services in April 2022

   April worship services will continue to follow themes outlined in the SHINE curriculum as well as Palm and Easter Sunday themes. This Memo will include, each week, a brief overview of the theme to be presented in the upcoming Sunday and a recap of the previous Sunday’s theme.  

Topic: Worship Services April – June 2022

Time: April through June 2022 each Sunday 09:30 AM Central Time (US and Canada)

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