Dignity Passion Groups Update, July

The following post is taken from the Canton Chronicle, Vol 2017 #5. 

DignityFostering wholeness, balance, and peace through respect of God’s creation. 

Ministry & Education

Connie and Ed have completed their study group discussions of what it is to be Brethren.
Attendees of Connie’s class were able to examine handouts, videos, excerpts from the Bible, and shared experiences in their discussions of Brethren theology. A chapter-by-chapter reading and examination of the Book of James in the New Testament during Ed’s
classes reminded us of the roots of our beliefs. Everyone agreed that the two classes provided food for thought, even when we came from different directions about our personal beliefs.

Carol’s study of Buddhism provided us with a look at how we share many tenets of Buddhism. The study meetings of background information and the book club discussions of Siddhartha culminated in an inspiring trip to a Chicago trip to a Buddhist temple.

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Continuing a Rich Tradition of Music

The following post was taken from the Canton Chronicle, Vol 2017 #5. 

Canned music is great in the car, a local restaurant, or an elevator in a tall building, but it can’t hold a candle to the richness of the human factor in a service of worship. We have enjoyed the wonderful tradition of musical talent among us—organists, pianists, guitarists, vocalists, and more. Much of this talent is shared with us on a volunteer basis by those from within or significantly connected to our congregation.

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From the Pastor´s Desk, July 2017

On Wednesday, July 26, we will begin a study on Judaism. I have been fascinated with all I’ve learned in preparing to lead this study. What I found most interesting, though, is how the Jewish tradition approaches scripture. The Jewish emphasis is not about searching the scriptures to find ancient answers that speak to life matters for all time. Rather, the focus is more on asking questions about the text in understanding its relevancy for a particular time, or more to the point, for the present time, and to learn how the Divine becomes evident through the text.

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This Sunday August 6: ¨Wrestling¨

The story of Jacob wrestling an angel is at the core of identity of Jewish faith. Each faith journey embodies this experience of Jacob. How then can our church embrace faith wrestling in ourselves as well as others?


*Join us this Sunday as we hear from guest speaker Joe Brewer with special music from Ed Carper.  Let us know of any questions you might have in the comment box on our “First Time?” page. Look forward to seeing you there!

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STEWARDSHIP IN THE SMALL CHURCH A Reflection by H. Fred Bernhard

The following post is taken from the Canton Chronicle, Vol 2017 #4.  This article was written by the editor of The Canton Chronicle, Martha Harr. 

If you haven’t perused eBrethren, an online Brethren publication, try it sometime. It provides thought-provoking topics through the eyes of many Brethren. You may even recognize some of the authors, especially if you have attended any COB Annual Conferences. The author of the article excerpted here is an example of an extremely likeable and knowledgeable Brethren figure. When Harold and I went to Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands to attend the 300th anniversary celebration, Fred was in charge of leading our travel group and keeping us all “corralled.” That was quite a task, but he succeeded. Fred is an ordained minister in the Church of the Brethren and has served as a pastor and interim pastor in many congregations.

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