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  • From the Pastor’s Desk, 4/11/22

    I’ve been thinking lately about the ways in which our worship services are developed and presented. A beauty of this process is that it involves a number of people to make it happen, and some of these folks are not known to us personally while others are quite well known. For instance, we have been…

  • From the Pastor’s Desk, 3/21/22

    From the Pastor’s desk—    The following quote by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks gave me reason to pause and reflect: “People resist change, and can become angry and hostile when faced with the need for it.”    I’m aware that proposed and/or implemented changes can arouse anger. Having read various books and articles on the subject…

  • From the Pastor’s Desk, 3/14/22

    From the Pastor’s desk— I enjoy watching YouTube videos about woodworking. It’s a great way to learn about tips and tricks of the trade. A recent video I watched offered a few tips to beginners. The tip I found really profound is this (paraphrased): Strive for improvement, not perfection. The presenter of the video shared…

  • From the Pastor’s Desk, 1/31/22

    Robert Burns was widely regarded as Scotland’s national poet. However, his poetry is known beyond those boundaries. One of his poems, To a Mouse, gives us a line that is frequently quoted, although paraphrased to a degree. The line is: “The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men gang aft agley.” The paraphrase is: the best laid…

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