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“The Church is us and we are the Church.”

Want to become more involved in the CCOB dignity mission? Consider joining one of our 5 passion areas. Identify one of your passions, fill out a contact form below, and get better connected with the work and ministry of Canton Church of the Brethren.

Ministry and Education

  • Study and interaction with other religions: Carol Davis, with the help of Colin Davis, will lead a thorough study of Buddhism in the month of May and June (click the link for more info). Future studies will be available on Islam (led by Robin Henry) and Judaism (led by Kevin Kessler). If you are interested in joining one of these studies or leading one of your own in the future, we encourage you to share your idea by filling out a contact form below.Screenshot 2017-04-17 at 4.53.31 PM
  • Join the Church Choir and Worship team: If you share a love of singing, acting, making art, playing an instrument, or other creative passions please contact our Music Director, Carol Davis by filling out your contact info below.
  • Faith Journey Study Groups: If you have a strong passion for designing your own Christian curriculum, please contact Kevin Kessler by filling out a contact form below.  Our current study group led by Connie Ludlum is examining our Brethren identity and other ecumenical studies. This 12-week study meets Wednesday nights in the church library at 6:30 pm. A future study group led by Ed Carper will be a Bible study on the book of James. This group will also meet Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm from May 31 to June 8.



  • Blessing Box: View the link for more information about the CCOB Blessing Box. If you are interested in helping to upkeep, construct a sign, and/or add items to the box please fill out a contact form below or call 309-647-4828.Screenshot 2017-04-15 at 11.28.07 PM



  • Forums: View the link to learn more about our recent forum on poverty sponsored by the CCOB. If you are interested in helping strengthen relationships with other churches and community organizations, please fill out a contact form below or call Joe Brewer at 309-219-6660 for more info about what you can do to help.
  • Welcoming Team: If you have a gift for hospitality, this team is for you.  We are in need of people and ideas to create a church environment that is welcoming and accepting to all regardless of who they are or what they’ve done. Share your passion with us by filling out a form below so we can put you in touch with our team leader, Emily Cleer.
  • Media/Website Team: Got a passion for technology and sharing content online? Fill out a contact form below and tell us more about yourself and what you’d like to do to help. Help us connect with those outside our church by sharing our message through social media and our church website. We could use help recording and uploading our sermons online and to our church podcast as well as staying up to date on our website and social media platforms. You can also contact Joe Brewer at 309-219-6660 for more info.
  • Birthday Party Potlucks: Enjoy celebrating birthdays and eating cake with friends? Well this is your group! Jackie Davis and Tammy Kessler could use your help preparing our quarterly birthday parties throughout the year. They could use your help preparing meals, organizing games, and cleaning up. Our 1st party was held March 19th, the 2nd will be June 11, the 3rd will be on September 17th and the final party will be December 17th. Fill out a contact form below if you’re willing to help.povertypanel



  • Rain Barrells Project: Our environment group is currently seeking barrells to use for a water recycling project. If you have or know of any barrells we could use please tell us more by filling out the form below. If you are interested in helping us build or know of someone that could use a rain barrell, tell us more through the contact form. We are also interested in opportunities to educate our church as well as the community about benefits of water recycling as well as other environmental endeavors. We encourage you to share your interest. This project is under the direction of Martha Harr.
  • Energy Audit: CCOB is currently seeking an opportunity to conduct an energy audit in hopes of better utilizing the resources we have. If you are able or willing to assist in this process, please fill out a form below to share your interest. This project is under the direction of Lori Warden.
  • Community Garden: CCOB is hoping to create or partner with other community members in the maintenance of a community garden. If you are interested please share this with us below.


Traditions and History

  • Foot or Hand Washing Service: The Traditions and History passion group is currently planning on hosting a foot or hand washing service to take place on Maundy Thursday April 13th at 6pm. The scriptural reference for this evening will be Philippians 2:3. If you are interested in helping with this event or future love feast services, please fill out a form below and let us know.
  • Photo Albums Project: The Traditions and History passion group is currently preparing a photo album to celebrate where we’ve been as well as where we’re going. If you love scrapbooking and don’t mind helping us select some old photos we could use your help. Let us know by filling a form out below. This project is being led by Connie Ludlum and Jackie Davis.
  • Prayer Vigil Preparation: If the importance of prayer and meditation is a passion of yours, let us know by filling out a form below. This project is headed up by Candice Stuckey.Screenshot 2017-04-11 at 10.06.31 AM

Social Services in Canton, IL



Questions? Comments?  Feel Free to contact us using the following form.