CCOB Celebrates Earth Day 2018

The following post was taken from the CCOB Newsletter, Volume 2018, Issue #5

“God of heaven and earth, the work of your hands is made known in your bountiful creation and in those who faithfully live their lives in your grace. Today we especially remember those we have mentioned trusting your promise of everlasting life and love. Be present with us this day as we mark their lives through the planting of this tree. May this tree speak the power of your life in our midst, deeply rooted and ever growing in all creation, through Jesus Christ. Amen.” —Kevin Kessler

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Earth Day and the CCOB: Consider joining one of our local environmental initiatives

Happy Earth Day from the CCOB!

Did you know the Church of the Canton Church of the Brethren has a deep history of caring for the environment? In fact, as part of our Dignity journey we decided to make this commitment to preserving and restoring the environment a pillar of our church. We even included it in our mission statement!

Welcome to the Canton Church of the Brethren, a community of faith that values dignity, putting it into practice by fostering wholeness, balance, and peace through respect of God’s creation .

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