Broadening Our Horizons

On Friday, Oct. 27, 2017, a group of 11 people (Ed Carper, Brenda Carper, Carol Davis, Jackie Davis, Tammy Kessler, Kevin Kessler, Caryl Harrison, Nels Henry, Robin Henry, Harold Rose, Martha Harr) from the Canton Church of the Brethren visited the Anshai
Emeth Jewish Center in Peoria, IL, as part of the study of Judaism.

The evening included conversation with Rabbi Bryna Milkow (between Pastor Kevin and Jackie Davis in picture), seeing the Torah scroll,viewing various items displayed throughout the building (e.g., shofars, shawls), experiencing a Friday evening Shabbat service, and enjoying oneg (a time of fellowship after worship).

“The evening was delightful,” reports Pastor Kessler. “We were welcomed by our Jewish neighbors, shown hospitality, and enriched with a great learning experience.”

While Judaism and Christianity have distinct understandings and values, we have learned that we hold much in common as well. That we can respect our differences and serve together in our commonality is truly a blessing.

From the Pastor´s Desk, July 2017

On Wednesday, July 26, we will begin a study on Judaism. I have been fascinated with all I’ve learned in preparing to lead this study. What I found most interesting, though, is how the Jewish tradition approaches scripture. The Jewish emphasis is not about searching the scriptures to find ancient answers that speak to life matters for all time. Rather, the focus is more on asking questions about the text in understanding its relevancy for a particular time, or more to the point, for the present time, and to learn how the Divine becomes evident through the text.

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