Overcomers, 5/23/21

What obstacles have you witnessed Daughters of Deborah overcome? What obstacles are phenomenal women today overcoming? Women too frequently need to overcome obstacles and systems in order to achieve. The worship service on May 23 offers vignettes of women, both historical and present, who are overcomers. Supportive scriptures and theopoetic offerings will be included as well.

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Cover Image of Pauli Murray was taken from Carolina Digital Library and Archives

Katy Perry – Rise

Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine

Brave – Touch the Sky

Being Serena, “Baby’s First Grand Slam

“A Woman”  – Featuring Amy Grant & Ellie Holcomb

The Daughters of Deborah, 5/16/21

Are you familiar with the story of Deborah, a lifelong leader, profound prophet and poet, fearless fighter, songwriter, and brilliant woman? The worship service, May 16, offered insights about Deborah, based on her story found in the book of Judges. Invitations were given during the service to share about “daughters of Deborah” (those special women in our lives) who have been influential and impactful in various ways. Brief stories were shared and experienced.  

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